[Paraview] Animating deforming geometry

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It is probably faster to ask these questions of paraview-help at sandia.gov
than of the paraview at paraview.org list, since they usually are at least
in part Sandia specific, and we are here to answer your questions.

When you select the undeformed mesh as the input, what you see in the
animation will be the deformed mesh as long as the warp filter is what
is visible. The animation menu uses the original input because that is
where the timesteps are. The animation menu then runs the whole pipeline
and shows you the output from whatever you have selected as visible.

The "Apply Displacements" check box should automatically do the same
thing as the warp filter, as long as the reader can recognize your
displacement vector (if it uses one of the usual names like displ it
should find it, but you can't select something else like you can with
the warp filter).

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I have a simulation where I compute mesh displacements and solutions to
equations on the displaced mesh.  I can view the deformed mesh in
ParaView using the warp (vector) filter and that works fine for a single
time step.
However, when I got to make an animation I can view the deformation in
If I select the data file as the source then I can animate on time steps
but that's the undeformed mesh.  If I select the Warp filter as the
source then I can only animate on the scale factor, not time steps.  Is
there anyway to do such an animation in ParaView?  Or do I have to apply
the displacements to the coordinate data before loading it into

On a related note, I'm using the ExodusII data reader (which does not
ship with the standard ParaView distribution).  This reader has a
boolean option called "Apply Displacements" but there's no documentation
about what that's supposed to do. Anyone familiar with that?

Thanks ~ Pat

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