[Paraview] Can I get properties in paraview script?

Koichiro Suzuki suz at mito.ssd.ssg.fujitsu.com
Mon Jan 24 01:49:31 EST 2005

Hello all.

I'm trying to controll ParaView with scripts interactively.
I know that ParaView is controlled by a batch script (.pvb) or a session
script (.pvs), and in these scripts we can find the segment to put a
value into the property.

Can I write the script(or command) to get property-values from the
For example, 
I can set the center of rotation with the following command.
	$kw(vtkTemp5) SetCenterOfRotation 3.273228 4.163779 2.862126

But if I didn't know the center of coordinates, can I get the bounds for
x,y,z to calculte this?


Koichiro Suzuki
suz at ssd.ssg.fujitsu.com

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