[Paraview] Quadratic elements visualisation

Soeren Gebbert soeren.gebbert at inpro.de
Thu Jan 13 04:17:27 EST 2005

Dear paraview users and developer's,
i'm using paraview 1.8.2 and vtk-4.4 on linux and windows, and have the
following questions:

I want to add new quadratic elements (like a quadratic quad with center
point) to vtk and i want to visualize them in vtk like in paraview with
the "TempTessellatorFilter". But the "TempTessellatorFilter" is not a
part of vtk and it is marked
as temporary in paraview. So want i know if there is another way to
visualize quadratic elements with curved surface
in vtk 4.4 or in future versions of vtk, or is that only a feature of
paraview which will be not implemented in vtk?

Thanks alot and best regards
Sören Gebbert

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