[Paraview] Problem running Paraview in client/server mode

William A. Hoffman billlist at nycap.rr.com
Mon Jan 10 12:37:27 EST 2005

I think we found the problem.   It is a bit complicated, but I think
if you run paraview in non-client/server mode, and open a file in a directory
that exists on BOTH machines.   Then run client/server it should work.
I think the problem is the recently used file is in a directory that does
not exist on the server machine, and due to a bug in the file chooser it gets
stuck and you can't load any files.


At 05:28 PM 1/9/2005, Renato N. Elias wrote:
>Dear ParaView Developers
>I've been trying to run Paraview (v.1.8.2) in client/server mode as
>exemplified in page 91 of the Paraview Guide over a two very simple Windows
>system (2 AMD Athlons running Win2K conected through a TCP/IP network over a
>10/100 swith), but when I tried to open my data file in the client machine
>(menu File\Open data) I received the following message from the machine
>runing the pvserver:
>line 170 vtkPVServerFileListing(038555F0): Error calling FindNextFile:
>Invalid identifier."
>Is there any extra procedure not described in ParaView Guide to fix this
>Thanks for any help
>Renato N. Elias
>Rio de Janeiro/Brasil
>p.s.: I don't have a directory called "C:\martink" in my machine. I think
>that this directory is regarding to "Ken Martin" ParaView's developer ;-)
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