[Paraview] Newbie, radial symmetry

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Fri Feb 4 08:39:25 EST 2005

don fisher wrote:
> Everything in astronomy seems to be radially or spherically symmetrical. 
> I was trying to determine what format would be optimum for this data. So 
> far the most straightforward approach I have found appears to be use of 
> curvilinear (or structured grid) in the legacy VTK file format.
> I am interested in stellar interiors etc. an would be interested in 
> there were better approaches. My previous background has been mostly 
> with uniform rectilinear (pixel based) data.

The structured grid format is probably best, thought I've never worked 
with that specific kind of data.  You should also consider the 
vtkXMLStructuredGridReader format (.vts), which has much better support 
for reading in fractions of the data.


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