[Paraview] Re: WinPV 2.4.1 on Sun W2100z, 4GB RAM, dual Opteron WS under WinXP-64

SamuelKey samuelkey at comcast.net
Wed Dec 28 18:57:51 EST 2005

Amy et al;

I do not know if this is a PV limitation or a WinXP-64 (rc2) limitation.
I am bring it to your attention in case you have some insight into what
may be happening or on the off chance you think it may be a PV issue.

I have a 400K tetrahedral mesh. I have 101 time steps. The data is
stored in an EnSight Gold binary format. PV reads the data just fine
and I can look at point and cell data at any time step. I can load in
additional objects stored in ExodusII-formats.  The calculator, clipping
and 3D contour filters work just fine.

However, when I invoke an animation all goes well until the construction
of the cached per-time-step images reaches the 2GB RAM mark at
which time WinXP has a problem. WinXP seems to think this is an issue
for which it wants to send an error-report to MS. I have let WinXP64 send
its error messages home. (But, I don't expect a personal reply from MS.)

I am asking PV to animate a cell variable.

If it is of any value to you, I can run tests for you on this condition. I
also move the data to the Suse Linux 9.3 AMD64 side and see what
happens when I make the same request of the Linux version of PV.

Sam Key

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