[Paraview] Server Manager and Python wrapping

Wiktor Moskwa wiko_m at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Aug 31 06:40:47 EDT 2005

Hi Andy,

Andy Cedilnik wrote:
 > You will need to create interaction layer on top of it. By default
 > ParaView ServerManager does not have code to support mouse events. You
 > have to do something like:
 >   vtkPVGenericRenderWindowInteractor* iren =
 > and then invoke events on iren.
 > [..]

Thanks for a hint, it made me find a similar interaction layer in
ParaView source code. As far as I understand:
  * PVRenderView is a control that encapsulates SMRenderModuleProxy and
    its RenderWindow,
  * PVWindow has PVRenderView object and passes all events to
    PVGenericRWI (obtained from the same SMRenderModuleProxy as above),
  * PVGenericRWI uses tricky feedback machanism to update PVRenderView
    object (PVRenderViewProxy and its Implementation).

My guess is that I should create another implementation of
PVRenderViewProxy that forwards Render calls to my control.
This new control could take care of forwarding events and displaying
RenderWindow. Am I correct?

Best Regards,

Wiktor Moskwa

PS. I've forgotten to CC previous mail to mailing list.

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