[Paraview] import package problem

Amy Squillacote amy.squillacote at kitware.com
Mon Aug 15 13:40:01 EDT 2005

That's because in your DiskSource.xml file, you nested the XML code 
for the disk source inside the XML pointing to the server manager XML 
file.  Change the second line in DiskSource.xml to the following 
(i.e, add the ending '/').

<ServerManagerFile name="DiskSource.pvsm" />

Also take out the following line two from the end in DiskSource.xml

<ServerManagerFile />

There is an example .xml files in the ParaView source tree at 
ParaView/Examples/PVLocal (PVLocal.xml.in and PVLocal.pvsm.in).

- Amy

At 11:36 AM 8/15/2005, Vines, John  (Civ, ARL/CISD) wrote:
>I'm having a problem with the "import package" capability.  I've 
>attached the XML files for the client and the server manager.  When 
>I try to "import package" I do not get any errors but I also do not 
>get a source.
>Thanks in advance,
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