RES: [Paraview] Periodic boundaries

Bernhard Gschaider Bernhard.Gschaider at
Thu Apr 28 07:16:01 EDT 2005

>>>>> On Thu, 28 Apr 2005 07:34:35 -0300
>>>>> "RNE" == Renato N Elias <rnelias at> wrote:

    RNE> I think you must increase the propagation time of the
    RNE> streamlines...

This won't help: as soon as the streamline "touches" the boundary
ParaView/VTK assumes that it has left the system (which makes perfect
sense for "outlets"). ParaView/VTK must have some information about
the topology of the problem (which is the opposite side at which the
streamline will "come back in").

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    RNE> I'm trying to visualize a velocity field with periodic
    RNE> boundary conditions with streamlines.

    RNE> My problem is that any streamline that reaches a boundary
    RNE> ends at that boundary. For periodic boundary conditions it
    RNE> should enter again at the corresponding point "at the other
    RNE> side".

    RNE> Is there any chance to do this in ParaView? Basically the
    RNE> question seems to be: does VTK support such a thing (because
    RNE> if it doesn't, then I don't see a chance that ParaView will).

    RNE> Or has anyone an idea for a workaround to get a similar
    RNE> behavior from the existing ParaView?

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