[Paraview] Paraview with Ice-T IceT

Terry Jordan tejj at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 22 09:18:52 EDT 2005

I am going to use 2.0.1.  Thanks.

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Which version of paraview are you running? The command line arguments
changed between 1.8 and 2.0.


On 4/22/05, Terry Jordan <tejj at hotmail.com> wrote:
 > I am attempting to run paraview on a 6 node cluster from a 7th head node. 
 > want to use paraview to render the data on the cluster and ship back the
 > interractive images back to the head node.  I know this is possible using
 > paraview with ice-T but I cannot find any documents on it.  Could someone
 > please provide assistance.
 > Thanks in advance.
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