[Paraview] compiling paraview 2.0.1, include dir

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Wed Apr 13 08:00:34 EDT 2005

Rasmus Hemph wrote:
> I have just finished compiling version 2.0.1 of paraview (a relase 
> version with shared libs). with the aid of cmake. When I do "make 
> install" after the compilation, I get the directories
> /bin /share and /lib in my install directory as expected. However when I 
> build the 1.8.5-version of paraview I also get a /include directory for 
> the header files, and a "vtk/" subdirectory in /lib which now seems to 
> be missing.
> The custom reader I am using is expecting the files in the now missing 
> directories. Any ideas as to how I should adopt to the new 
> paraview-version?

The installation of development files is now an option that is off by 
default.  In fact it has been disabled in the source because its 
implementation is incomplete.  VTK headers are installed but ParaView 
headers are not.

You have two options:

1.) Build your custom reader against the BUILD tree of ParaView instead 
of the install tree.  Just specify ParaView_DIR as the root of the build 

2.) Edit the source to enable installation of development files.  The 
code below is from the top-level CMakeLists.txt file.  Just uncommnet 
the OPTION line and the option to install development files will be 
enabled.  Then you can turn it on when running CMake.


# Install no development files by default, but allow the user to get
# them installed by setting PV_INSTALL_DEVELOPMENT to true.  Disable
# the option altogether if PV_INSTALL_NO_DEVELOPMENT is already set to
# true.
   # Leave this option out until we write code to install paraview headers
   # other than VTK.
   #OPTION(PV_INSTALL_DEVELOPMENT "Install ParaView plugin development 
   #  OFF)

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