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Nick Franklin nickfzx at aol.com
Mon Sep 27 11:19:18 EDT 2004

Hi Amy

Thankyou for a very helpful response. 

That clears up a lot for me. 

Amy Henderson wrote on 9/27/2004, 7:11 AM: 
> When you run with a data server and a render server, do the various 
> servers 
> and the client seem to connect properly? 

Yes they do if I run the client on the same machine as the server.  If I 
run the client on a windows machine (or any other machine for that 
matter) in this mode I get a whole bunch of VTK socket communicator 
errors  (if I spent half a day problem solving this I could probably 
work it out but for now I am happy with a quick fix).  When I run in 
just server/client mode (no render server) I can put the client on any 
machine I want. 

If the server/client mode also supports distributed rendering then it 
seems that the only use for seperating out the render-server is to be 
able to use different machines for the different tasks.  Is this correct 
or am I missing something? 

>If you load a large data set in 
> this mode and apply some filters to it, do you see activity both on 
>the data server and on the render server? 

I have been using Paraview's inbuilt filters and shapes to try and 
simulate operations on a large dataset...the codebase we are working on 
is not yet mature enough to produce any large datasets yet...I am 
charged with getting the 'distributed' infrastructure ready.  So 
basically I don't know...So far I can only see activity on the 
render-server side but this could just be because I am not giving it a 
hard enough time on the computation side of things.  Is there a known 
test that is both computationally intensive and rendering intensive that 
would be a huge help?  ...at the moment I have just been chucking a load 
of paraviews own filters at its own objects but this usually takes only 
a few seconds and sometimes crashes the machine the server is running on. 

Also I got the impression that it was difficult to use the GPU's to do 
rendering.  But it seems that the tiled windows that are popping up on 
my server are in fact using opengl if I am to believe there titles that 
run somthing like "opengl window".  Does this mean that the rendering is 
being done by opengl (and therefore probably the GPU) and that if I had 
  fast graphics cards in all my nodes the rendering will go much faster? 

I am also getting an error message sometimes in the clients terminal 
window which runs 'xlib: extension "xfree86-DRI" Missing on display ":0.0"'.

This could be that I have made an error during compiling paraview, I did 
use 64bit GL libraries, could this be the problem? 

Thanks again for the response Amy 



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