[Paraview] how to add reader to the paraview loader

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Tue Oct 19 10:33:10 EDT 2004

杨艳春 wrote:
> hi,all
> I have modified ParaView/Servers/ServerManager/Resources/readers.xml and ParaView/GUI/Client/Resources/Readers.xml.And i also followed the three step Berk proposed:
> 1. Create a directory to put the module descriptions in,
> (I have a ${HOME}/etc/paraview directory for ex.)
> 2. Add a variable called PV_INTERFACE_PATH to your environment
> pointing to this directory
> (I do "export PV_INTERFACE_PATH=${HOME}/etc/paraview)
> 3. Create a file with xml extension to describe the reader module.

This looks like it should work to me.  Try putting a syntax error in the
.xml file.  If it is really being loaded then ParaView should complain
about the error during startup.


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