[Paraview] compiling paraview-1.6.3

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Oct 7 20:30:45 EDT 2004

Jason.Beech-Brandt at ed.ac.uk wrote:
> Of these the following contain a reference to libucb.so.1
> libvtkKWParaView.so
> libvtkKWParaViewCS.so
> libvtkPVCommon.so
> libvtkPVCommonCS.so
> libvtkPVFilters.so
> libvtkPVFiltersCS.so
> libvtkPVServerManager.so
> libvtkPVServerManagerTCL.so
> libvtkXdmf.so
> libvtkXdmfCS.so
> libXdmf.so
> paraview
> vtkTestFilters

Nothing seems to stick out here to me.  Each of these reference other 
system libraries as well as libucb.so.1.  Can you refine the search by 
running ldd on each of the system libraries to see if any are bringing 
in libucb.so.1?


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