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Amy Henderson amy.henderson at
Fri, 14 May 2004 08:57:08 -0400


Thanks for sending a simple, reproducible example demonstrating the 
problem.  I'll look into what's going wrong.

- Amy

At 01:13 AM 5/14/2004, David Thompson wrote:
>On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 13:16, Amy Henderson wrote:
> > To my knowledge, there is not a problem with your file format or the
> > magnitude of the velocity components.
> >
> > Earlier in this thread, you said that the expression you were evaluating
> > with the calculator was iHat * x1-vel  + jHat * x3-vel + kHat * x3-vel. 
> Was
> > this a typo? It looks to me like you should not be multiplying the same
> > scalar array by both jHat and kHat. If this really is the expression you
> > input to the calculator, it would explain why your streamlines are not
> > doing what you expect them to.
>Actually, I noticed a similar problem on the CVS trunk yesterday. To
>replicate it, load multicomb_0.vtu, run the "Extract Surface" filter,
>and then create an Array Calculator. If you enter
>         Result = iHat*Density+jHat*Momentum_0
>you'll get an incorrect scalar field. However, if you enter
>         Result = Density*iHat+Momentum_0*jHat
>you'll get the correct result. For some reason, multiplication by the
>unit vectors isn't commutative. I've tried this on two different
>machines with recent CVS checkouts and got the same results.
>                 David
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