[Paraview] interactive operation by script

Koichiro Suzuki suz at mito.ssd.ssg.fujitsu.com
Mon Jun 7 07:19:49 EDT 2004

>  I am looking for the way to operate Paraview by script interactively.
>  Paraview has a batch option, but it's not interactive.
>  If the "interactive operation by script" is realized , for example,
> we can operate Paraview from CGI(web).
>  If there were good ideas, please tell me..

 I found an idea.

 Paraview (--batch) reads a .pvb file and evaluate it's all lines by
 (GUI/Client/vtkPVApplication.cxx line 1436, GUI/Widgets/vtkKWApplication.cxx line 1321)

 Apply following process instead of this and interactive operation is
  1) reads a script from stdin.
  2) evaluate the script by Tcl_Eval().
     (call Tcl_Eval() every reading a special line for example "###".)

 Thanks all.

Koichiro Suzuki
suz at mito.ssd.ssg.fujitsu.com

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