[Paraview] 64 Bit binaries?

Mattijs Janssens m.janssens at nabla.co.uk
Thu Jul 15 05:41:14 EDT 2004

We compiled Paraview on a dual opteron on a SuSE Linux 9.1 x86_64 as 
well. It compiles and runs fine when compiled in 32 bit mode (-m32) but 
we had to dig around in the makefiles to compile/link 64 bit (-m64) and 
then it coredumps somewhere in tcl. So did you manage to make it run in 
64 bit mode?



(Traceback gives:

#0  0x0000002a96adb7ac in Tcl_ScanCountedElement () from 
(gdb) where
#0  0x0000002a96adb7ac in Tcl_ScanCountedElement () from 
#1  0x0000002a96adb764 in Tcl_ScanElement () from 
#2  0x0000002a96adba90 in Tcl_Merge () from 
#3  0x0000002a96439014 in vtkKWApplication::InitializeTcl ()
#4  0x0000002a95f262d7 in vtkPVApplication::InitializeTcl ()
#5  0x0000000000402b53 in MyMain ()
#6  0x0000000000402f87 in main ()

Ezequiel Quintana Morales wrote:
> Hi,
> I've compiled ParaView on a dual opteron, running SuSE Linux 9.1 x86_64. I can 
> send you a compressed tar of the compiled directory, or help you on building 
> it. That file tar.bz2 is about 30MB so, if you give me a place I can upload 
> it.
> Regards,
> Ezequiel
> P.S. What I have is CVS version of ParaView (08/07/2004) and SuSE 9.1 obtained 
> from FTP.
> El Miércoles, 14 de Julio de 2004 21:10, Benjamin Ahrenholz escribió:
>>Hi all,
>>we are trying to visualize huge binary datafiles with ParaView. Each one
>>contains just single float values and has at least a size of 2 Gbyte (raw
>>binary or hdf5). However, a splitting of these files is costly and not very
>>usefull. Our hardware is theoretically capable of managing these amounts of
>>data (an Opteron Cluster with 160Gbyte RAM and 96 Processors under SuSE
>>64Bit and a VR-PC with Windows XP AMD64-Edition and 8Gbyte RAM. Our lack is
>>a compiler which can build either binaries for Windows64 or SuSE-Linux. On
>>Linux we already tried: PGI, gcc and Intel compilers - and failed :/
>>On Windows we are waiting for VS.NET 2005 which should be capable of
>>building optimized AMD64 code (the install of the May Preview did
>>unfortunatly fail). My question now: Does anybody has experience with
>>building binaries on 64Bit platforms? Or, can somebody provide binaries?
>>Preferably for Windows, but SuSE Linux would help a lot, too. Any help is
>>greatly appreciated.
>>kind regards,
>>Benjamin Ahrenholz
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