Visualize and process live captured 3D LiDAR data in real-time

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Welcome to LidarView

LidarView is an open source platform, built from ParaView, that performs real-time visualization, recording and processing of 3D LiDAR data. Originally developed in collaboration with Velodyne, LidarView can be adapted and extended for custom needs such as specific point-cloud processing (SLAM, object detection, lane marking interpretation, road-sign recognition, point-cloud labeling, etc.)


  • Customizable framework for Lidar processing
  • Robust SLAM algorithm
  • Powerful data visualization and analysis software
  • Integrates with a large number of lidar devices, including major manufacturers
  • Input from live sensor stream or recorded .pcap file
  • Visualization of time-stamped LiDAR returns in 3D
  • Spreadsheet inspector for LiDAR attributes (timestamp, azimuth, laser id, etc)
  • Record to .pcap from sensor
  • Export to CSV, PLY, PCD, LAS or VTK formats
  • Grid and Ruler tools
  • Show or hide lasers subsets
  • Show multiple frames of data simultaneously and aggregate them
  • Apply 3D transforms to pointclouds
  • Run SLAM to estimate the trajectory of the LiDAR in the scene and build a 3D map of the environment

LidarView in Action