Point Cloud

ParaView is a natural tool for visualizing and processing point cloud data from a variety of sources.  ParaView enables users to create a virtual workbench for interactive visualization and processing of point cloud data from a variety of sources including depth cameras, stationary LiDAR scanners, and vehicular or aerial LiDAR.  Applications include robotics, 3D mapping, surgical guidance, generation of simulation models and more.  Adding the PCL-ParaView plugin provides a wide variety of point cloud processing tools within the Paraview platform.

ParaView features that are useful for this type of analysis include:
  • Built-in features for subsampling, cropping, and thresholding data
  • Support for time-varying data
  • Python programmable filter for custom algorithms
  • Streaming and parallel processing
  • Advanced visualization techniques such as eye-dome lighting
  • Plugin mechanism

Scan of University of Freiburg provided courtesy of Bastian Steder at the University of Freiburg, Dept. of Computer Science, and made available under the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0 here.