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Does anyone have a subroutine in Fortran 90 that writes the grid and the rho,u,v,w,p variables from a 3D code on a structured grid in paraview format?

Probles whit paraview


I am using paraview linked to the openFoam program. It was working ok, but now I'm getting an error message: memory access error. The openFoam program is working well and the paraView start but then it stops and close showing the errror in the terminal. I am workin on Fedora 4. Any sugestion?? Tanks.

ccmake on OS X error

I am trying to build ParaView on OS X (10.4.7), so I installed ccmake (2.4.4). I followed the directions: make a binary directory and cd to it, but when I invoke "ccmake ../paraview-2.4.4" and try to configure, I get an error that the binary and source directories are the same! Is this a bug?

Update: I decided to try Paraview 2.2.1, and ccmake does NOT have any problem....

Update: Nevermind -- had a bad CMakeCache.txt file in the source directory from an accidental attempt to build there.... Oops!