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This is a list of files where the most recent version of the file is a duplicate of the most recent version of some other file. Only local files are considered.

Showing below up to 100 results in range #1 to #100.

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  1. VTK Examples Baseline Interaction TestClickWorldCoordinates.png has 16 duplicates.
  2. VTK Examples Baseline Interaction TestCallData.png has 4 duplicates.
  3. VTK Examples Baseline Utilities TestAnimation.png has 4 duplicates.
  4. TestDisplayArrow.png has 3 duplicates.
  5. VTK Examples Baseline PolyData TestPointPlacer.png has 3 duplicates.
  6. 3DWidget class arch after.jpg has 2 duplicates.
  7. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayCone.png has 2 duplicates.
  8. ITK Examples Baseline ImageProcessing Test ApproximateSignedDistanceMapImageFilter.png has 2 duplicates.
  9. VTK Examples Baseline VisualizationAlgorithms TestCutWithCutFunction 2.png has 2 duplicates.
  10. VTK Examples Baseline Widgets TestBiDimensionalWidget.png has 2 duplicates.
  11. VTK Examples Baseline DataStructures TestModifiedBSPTreeExtractCells.png has 2 duplicates.
  12. VTK Examples Baseline Images TestImageSlice.png has 2 duplicates.
  13. VTK Examples Baseline Utilities TestWindowModified.png has 2 duplicates.
  14. 3DWidget arch after.jpg has 2 duplicates.
  15. VTK Examples Baseline Visualization TestHideActor.png has 2 duplicates.
  16. VTK Examples Baseline Visualization TestMoveActor.png has 2 duplicates.
  17. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayPyramid.png has a duplicate.
  18. Bender-Tutorial-v1.1-DownloadSampleData.png has a duplicate.
  19. VTK Examples Baseline Utilities TestDataAnimation.png has a duplicate.
  20. VTK Examples Baseline Interaction TestMoveAVertexUnstructuredGrid.png has a duplicate.
  21. NeuralNav-TubeTKLogo.jpg has a duplicate.
  22. Wrapper3.JPG has a duplicate.
  23. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestContoursFromPolyData.png has a duplicate.
  24. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestAppendFilter.png has a duplicate.
  25. Wrapper2.JPG has a duplicate.
  26. VTK Examples Baseline Images TestCheckerboard.png has a duplicate.
  27. VTK Examples Baseline Interaction TestPicking 1.png has a duplicate.
  28. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayLine.png has a duplicate.
  29. VTK Examples Baseline Visualization TestColorActorEdges.png has a duplicate.
  30. Wrapper.JPG has a duplicate.
  31. VTK Examples Baseline Interaction TestClientData.png has a duplicate.
  32. 3DWidgets Part2 Study Graphics 006.PNG has a duplicate.
  33. VTK Examples Baseline Filters TestExtractSurfaceDemo.png has a duplicate.
  34. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestSurfaceFromUnorganizedPointsWithPostProc.png has a duplicate.
  35. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestSurfaceFromUnorganizedPoints.png has a duplicate.
  36. VTK Examples Baseline Rendering CylinderRenderProperties.png has a duplicate.
  37. VTK Examples Baseline Visualization TestSelectRegion.png has a duplicate.
  38. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestTransformPolyData.png has a duplicate.
  39. VTK Examples Baseline Utilities TestCameraModified.png has a duplicate.
  40. VTK Examples Baseline Filters TestExtractSurface.png has a duplicate.
  41. VTK Examples Baseline Visualization TestCubeAxesActor 2.png has a duplicate.
  42. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayPlane.png has a duplicate.
  43. VTK Examples Baseline Meshes TestTableBasedClipDataSetWithPolyData 1.png has a duplicate.
  44. KwGridPadlockIcon.png has a duplicate.
  45. VTK Examples Baseline Lighting TestDiffuseSpheres.png has a duplicate.
  46. KwGridWarningIcon.png has a duplicate.
  47. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestVertexGlyphFilter.png has a duplicate.
  48. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestPerlinNoise.png has a duplicate.
  49. 3DWidgets Part2 Study Graphics 004.PNG has a duplicate.
  50. VTK Examples Baseline Images TestMarkKeypoints.png has a duplicate.
  51. 3DWidgets Part2 Study Graphics 009.PNG has a duplicate.
  52. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplaySphere.png has a duplicate.
  53. VTK Examples Baseline Images TestDotProduct.png has a duplicate.
  54. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayPolyLine.png has a duplicate.
  55. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestDelaunay.png has a duplicate.
  56. HelpIcon.png has a duplicate.
  57. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestTriangulateTerrainMap.png has a duplicate.
  58. VTK Examples Baseline Images TestCast.png has a duplicate.
  59. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestImplicitBoolean.png has a duplicate.
  60. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayQuad.png has a duplicate.
  61. VTK WinXPVS2005 Extracting.jpg has a duplicate.
  62. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayColoredLines.png has a duplicate.
  63. VTK Examples Baseline Plotting TestLinePlot 5.png has a duplicate.
  64. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayOrientedArrow.png has a duplicate.
  65. VTK Examples Baseline PolyData TestReflection.png has a duplicate.
  66. VTK Examples Baseline InfoVis TestXGMLReader 5.png has a duplicate.
  67. BenderPadImagePanel-v2.0.png has a duplicate.
  68. Config1.JPG has a duplicate.
  69. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestCircle.png has a duplicate.
  70. VTK Examples Baseline PolyData TestPolyDataConnectivityFilter SpecifiedRegion.png has a duplicate.
  71. VTK Examples Baseline Points TestExtractPoints.png has a duplicate.
  72. VTK Examples Baseline Visualization TestMultipleActorsVector.png has a duplicate.
  73. VTK Examples Baseline Widgets TestImplicitPlaneWidget2 1.png has a duplicate.
  74. Wrapper4.JPG has a duplicate.
  75. VTK Examples Baseline InfoVis TestKMeans.png has a duplicate.
  76. VTK Examples Baseline Images TestImagePermute 1.png has a duplicate.
  77. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestProgrammableSource.png has a duplicate.
  78. VTK Examples Baseline Picking TestAreaPicker.png has a duplicate.
  79. VTK Examples Baseline Plotting TestScatterPlot 7.png has a duplicate.
  80. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjects TestRegularPolygon.png has a duplicate.
  81. Wrapper1.JPG has a duplicate.
  82. VTK Examples Baseline IO TestWriteBMP.png has a duplicate.
  83. InfoIcon.png has a duplicate.
  84. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayPoint.png has a duplicate.
  85. VTK Examples Baseline Graphs TestConstructTree.png has a duplicate.
  86. 3DWidgets Part2 Study Graphics 008.PNG has a duplicate.
  87. VTK Examples Baseline Plotting TestStackedPlot 3.png has a duplicate.
  88. VTK Examples Baseline Graphs TestGraphToPolyData.png has a duplicate.
  89. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayAxes3D.png has a duplicate.
  90. VTK Examples Baseline Filtering TestConnectivityFilter.png has a duplicate.
  91. Polyline.png has a duplicate.
  92. VTK Examples Baseline Graphs TestSelectedVerticesAndEdges.png has a duplicate.
  93. DevGuide1.0.pdf has a duplicate.
  94. CircleInSquare-10-WithCenter-all.png has a duplicate.
  95. WrapITK.ppt has a duplicate.
  96. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayPolygon.png has a duplicate.
  97. ITK Examples Baseline Statistics TestKdTreeBasedKMeansClustering1D.png has a duplicate.
  98. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayCylinder.png has a duplicate.
  99. 3DWidgets Part2 Study Graphics 005.PNG has a duplicate.
  100. VTK Examples Baseline GeometricObjectsDisplay TestDisplayFrustum.png has a duplicate.

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