Salinas August 2009

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This tutorial will describe the following:

  • How to start ParaView and find information and help about ParaView
  • Animate modes.
  • Animate time data.
  • Plot data, including variable data vs time and plot over line.
  • Identify user specific nodes and elements.

How to start ParaView

  • Start ParaView.
    • On Linux and Mac, go into the ParaView directory (that you downloaded to above) and type “paraview”.
    • On Windows XP, go to Start → All Programs → ParaView 3.x.x → and click ParaView
  • Open OsShip-eig.exo.
    • In ParaView, File → Open. Go to OsShip-eng.exo, and select it. Click OK.
    • Under the Properties tab of the Object Inspector, select all Variables
    • Click Apply.