ParaViewWeb Features

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  • Web support
    • JavaScript library
    • 4 types of renderer
      • Full JavaScript using a long polling technic to fetch each image of the 3D scene
      • Java Applet using one HTTP socket for upstream interaction which is closed once the interaction is done and a single downstream HTTP socket connection for the image stream.
      • Flash component
      • WebGL Render receive and render the objects of the scene
  • Optimization
    • CPU usage
      • The server skip mouse move event when several are already available on the server in order to only apply a single mouse move for each rendering.
    • Bandwidth
      • Depending on the client connection, some frame could be skipped while interacting
      • The image transfer rely on the JPEG format which provide a good compression/time ratio
      • When strong interaction is occurring, the image quality is reduced in order to reduce the time to generate the image and send it to the client.
      • While interacting, the rendering is done on an image size of a quarter of the original render view size.
      • The HTTP server may automatically compact all shared geometry
      • Use Ajax HTTPRequest to cache and unpack the data