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Experimental Repository

ParaView version tracking and development will be hosted by Git.

We have published an experimental repository on WE REQUEST THAT NO ONE PUBLISH A CLONE OF THIS REPOSITORY AT AN ONLINE HOSTING SITE. This may or may not be the final version of history after conversion from CVS. It may be removed or rewritten at any time. We prefer to not have multiple incompatible histories out there. The final conversion will be available soon, at which point we may all begin sharing changes!

One may browse the repository online using the Gitweb interface at

At the time of this writing the repository does not have all branches and tags older than ParaView 2.6. Conversion of older branches and tags from CVS will be completed later and added.


The clone URLs for the repository are


The push URL for the repository is

Feel free to push anything to the experimental paraview-tmp.git repository. Note however that it is not official and all changes will be thrown away before publishing the official repository.

See the VTK Git documentation for further details.


At the time of this writing the repository has the following branches:

  • master: Development (default)
  • hooks: Local commit hooks (place in .git/hooks)


ParaView references VTK as a submodule called 'VTK'. It can be obtained using the git submodule command. First use the 'init' subcommand to register the submodule:

$ git submodule init VTK

This configures the VTK submodule to fetch from the default URL git:// Next one may optionally configure a different URL, perhaps to use the http protocol:

$ git config submodule.VTK.url

Finally, use the 'update' subcommand to get the submodule:

$ git submodule update VTK