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** http://midas.kitware.com/community/view/7 (ITK Testing Data)
** http://midas.kitware.com/community/view/7 (ITK Testing Data)
** http://midas.kitware.com/community/view/22 (Tutorials: Virtual Appliances > 2Gb)
** http://midas.kitware.com/community/view/22 (Tutorials: Virtual Appliances > 2Gb)
= Integration with CTest =
* http://review.source.kitware.com/#change,301
* http://www.kitware.com/midaswiki/index.php/MIDAS%2BCTest
== BrainWeb Datasets ==
* http://mouldy.bic.mni.mcgill.ca/brainweb/
* http://midas.kitware.com/collection/view/44
== XNAT ==
* http://central.xnat.org/app/template/Index.vm
= Data Licenses =
= Data Licenses =

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Testing Data

  • Testing Data
    • (Slides Set 1:PPT,ODP,PDF)
    • (Slides Set 2: )

MIDAS Structure

  • Communities (recursive)
    • Collection
      • Items
        • Resources
          • Bitstreams
        • Bitstreams

Expected Data

  • Maintain data using original acquisition format (Bill's suggestion)?

Group Expected Amount of Data File Formats Features
Raghu Machiraju 10 Gb TIFF, LSM, MetaImage
Ziv Yaniv 10 Gb DICOM, MetaImage (e.g. segmentation label maps), bmp/jpg/avi (2D frame grabbed US and x-ray fluoroscopy images)
Brad Lowekamp 10 Gb TIFF ?
Hans Johnson 4 Gb GE45, Phillips, Siemens, Dicom, Analyze, Nifti, etc Migration from : http://www.nitrc.org/projects/brainstestdata/ Dictionary of expected meta-information (spacing, size, data-type, etc)
Sean Megason 10 Tb TIFF, LSM File:Megason-A2D2proposal-SCORExx.pdf
Marcel Pratwsaw 10 Gb  ??
Marc Niethammer 10 Gb TIFF Point spread functions (and image, or 12 (key,value) pair parameters



  • physical quantities associated with image acquisition apparatus (e.g. camera calibration for endoscopy and x-ray, US calibration).
  • reason for scan (e.g. suspected liver tumor), should be in header but often is not.
  • contrast phase (e.g. pre contrast, arterial phase).
  • respiratory phase (e.g. end inspiration, end expiration).
  • apparatus used to acquire images when not specified in DICOM (e.g. xyz frame grabber).
  • rigid transformation data acquired with a tracker (pose of US/endoscope relative to tracking system, required for positioning multiple 2D images in 3D space)
  • calibration data of other equipment used in experiment (calibration of tracked pointer)


Suggested Organization

This is a graph with borders and nodes. Maybe there is an Imagemap used so the nodes may be linking to some Pages.

Strawman of data organization

Filename scheme


ScanDate is in the form YYYYMMDDTT where we only keep 2 digits of time.

so you would have e.g.


MIDAS Installations

Integration with CTest

BrainWeb Datasets


Data Licenses