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This page contains instructions on how to test ParaView before a release. We focus on real use cases, as opposed to small toy tests for the dashboard.

Test setup

  • Either Linux or Windows client.
  • Remote server, at least 8 pvservers.
  • Server uses Mesa.

Exodus testing

Generic Tests

  • Open 32 file Whipple Shield. All variables on. Apply.
  • Cell Data to Point Data. Apply.
  • Clip/ Scalar/ VOLFRAC2 / 0.5/ Apply.
  • Clip/ Y Normal/ Inside Out/ Show Plane off/ Apply.
  • Pipeline browser, select CellDataToPointData.
  • Contour/ VOLFRAC1/ 0.1/ Apply.
  • Color by pressure.
  • Color legend on. Move to bottom, then left, then top, then right side. Make sure all numbers show up.
  • Sources/ Text. Use "1234567890", " 1234567890", "iii", " iii", " Harry Potter." Move this text to other places. Make sure all parts of the text show up.
  • Sources/ Annotate time filter. Apply. Move this text up about an inch.
  • Filters/ Alphabetical/ Annotate time filter. Apply.
  • Set time step to 40.
  • Select Contour in the pipeline browser.
  • Rescale to Data Range.
  • Set time to first frame (using Icon).
  • Rubber band select some area to zoom to.
  • You may want to save state here. Took a while to get to this point...
  • Reset.
  • +X/ -X/ +Y/ -Y/ +Z/ -Z/ -Y
  • Turn Orientation Axis off, then back on.
  • Turn show center off, then back on.
  • Reset center (the icon next to show center).
  • Rotate object, make sure it rotates around center.
  • Pick center on edge of object, make sure it rotates around center.
  • Reset, -Y
  • Last time frame, first timeframe, next frame (5 times), previous frame, play.
  • Pipeline browser, select last Clip.
  • Outline, points, surface with edges, wireframe.
  • Properties tab - advanced
  • Properties tab - standard
  • Properties tab - change opacity to 0.1. Change back to 1.0.
  • Properties tab - show cube axis.
  • Volume (Fails on NX, NX is too old. Test hardware rendered.)
  • Surface, change color to Solid Color.
  • Change pipeline browser to Contour.

View Menu

Animation View

    • Select Contour.
    • Create Camera, Follow Data.
    • Animate.
    • Delete camera track.
    • Create Camera, Interpolate Camera Location
    • Set beginning and ending time.
    • Play
    • Delete

Comparative View

    • Split Screen Horizontal. Render View Comparative.
    • Add a Time track in the Comparative View Inspector.
    • Delete

Memory Inspector

    • Delete

Multi-block Inspector

    • Delete


    • Turn off, then back on the Pipeline Browser, Properties and Information tabs.

Selection Display Inspector

    • Delete

Statistics Inspector

    • Delete

Color editor

    • Choose Preset - run through all of the common presets.
    • Enable opacity mapping for surfaces.
    • Log scale on. Notice the color scale. Log scale off.
    • Click "Rescale to Temporal Range".
    • Rescale range - change Min to 0, Max to 2.0e+10
    • Rescale to data range.
    • Turn Automatically rescale transfer functions to fit data back on.
    • Disable opacity mapping for surfaces
    • Invert the transfer function
    • Invert the transfer function
  • Play
  • Back to first frame.
  • Pipeline browser, choose last clip.

2d analysis

    • Plot Over Line filter.
    • Select upper right part of plate, P, then lower left of plate. Apply. (bug here. Line not on the surface.) (Change Y coords to 0)
    • (May need to highlight the 2d viewport)
    • Properties tab, toggle all variables on, then off. Then, turn on Temperature, Pressure.
    • Highlight Temperature.
      • Chart Axes, run through all options, then finally Bottom-Right.
      • Line thickness 5, then back to 2. Color to black, back to green.
      • Line style - run through all of them.
      • Marker style - run through all of them.
    • Open 2d View Settings.
      • Title "Harry Potter."
      • Color - change to red. Back to black. (bug here, randomly changes)
      • Change font. Return to normal.
      • Chart Legend locations - try all
      • Left Axis - Title - "Fred."
      • Left Axis - Layout - try all options.
    • Close 2d window, delete PlotOverLine filter.
    • Select Cell on - some cell.
    • Plot Selection Over Time. Display tab, use vtkOriginalIndicies.
    • Close 2d window, delete PlotSelection filter.
    • Select point on, rubber band select a point. Plot selection over time.

Save screenshots and movies

  • File/Save Screenshot - 2d window - Save only selected view ON.
  • File/Save Screenshot - 3d window - Save only selected view ON.
  • File/Save Screenshot - Save only selected view OFF.
  • File/Save Animation - .avi.
  • File/Save Animation - .png.
  • Close 2d window, Edit/ Delete All.


  • Tools/ Start Trace.
  • Open can.exo. All vars on. Apply.
  • Clip/ Inside out/ Show plane/ Apply.
  • Color by PedigreeElementId.
  • Y-
  • Save Screenshot.
  • Tools/Stop Trace.
  • Save Trace. Close trace window.
  • Delete All.
  • Macros. Add new macro. Run the macro.

CTH AMR testing

  • Read in Dave’s small cth dataset – spcta_a[0-3]
  • Surface.
  • -Y
  • Move forward one time step.
  • Color by Pressure.
  • Rescale to data range.
  • Save Screenshot.
  • AMR Contour. Both materials selected. Apply.
  • Save Screenshot.
  • Save Animation – png?
  • Delete contour filter.
  • Back to timestep 1
  • AMR Dual Clip. Both materials selected. Apply.
    • There currently is a crash here.
  • Color by Pressure.
  • Save Screenshot.
  • Delete dual clip filter.
  • Material Interface Filter. Select Material Volume Fraction-1. Select Mass-1. Apply.
  • Last time step.
  • Color by Id.
  • +Z
  • Reset.
  • Rescale to data range.
  • Save Screenshot.
  • Delete all.