ParaView/Guidelines for Contributing Plugins

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These guidelines are meant for anyone who wants to contribute their ParaView Plugins or Custom Applications to the community.

  1. Ensure that your plugin can be built separately from a ParaView build.
  2. Post the plugin at a publicly accessible site. There are several open git repository hosting sites available e.g., . Create a repository to host your plugin at any such site.
  3. Add a Wiki page to this Wiki. Use "<PluginName>" as the naming convention for creating this wiki page.
  4. The Wiki page should at the least include following information. A sample page is provided at ParaView/Plugins/ContributedPluginTemplate:
    1. What does the plugin provide/When to use the plugin?
    2. Location of the git repository and stable branch or tag. Ideally, you want to tag your plugin for every official release of ParaView, but that may not be necessary for most plugins.
    3. How to build the plugin (if different from the standard or if additional dependencies are present).
    4. How to use the plugin.
  5. Add a link to this new page on the index page.

If you want your plugin to be included in the official ParaView repository or binaries, please contact the developers using the mailing list (