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This page documents how to download ITK through Git. See our table of contents for more information.

Follow our Git download instructions to install Git.


Clone ITK using the commands

$ git clone git://
$ cd ITK

git help clone

Connection refused?

Clone ITKApps using the commands

$ cd ..
$ git clone git://

git help clone


Users that have made no local changes and simply want to update a clone with the latest changes may run

$ git pull

git help pull

Avoid making local changes unless you have read our developer instructions.


After cloning your local repository will be configured to follow the upstream master branch by default. This means you will have access to cutting edge features, but along with these may come cutting edge bugs :). One may create a local branch to track the upstream release branch instead, which should guarantee only bug fixes to the functionality available in the latest release:

$ git checkout --track -b release origin/release

git help checkout

This local branch will always follow the latest release. Use the above instructions to update it. Alternatively one may checkout a specific release tag:

$ git checkout v3.20.0
$ git submodule update

git help checkout

git help submodule

Release tags never move. Repeat the command with a different tag to get a different release. One may list available tags:

$ git tag

git help tag