Generating Catalyst Source Tree

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A tarball of the Catalyst source can be downloaded from the Catalyst Website. However, the Catalyst source tree can also be generated manually from a ParaView source tree. The Catalyst source tree is generated using a Python script located in the ParaView source tree (Catalyst/ The script takes a JSON manifest file (manifest.json) that describes what files are copied and transformed from ParaView to produce the Catalyst source tree. For example the following segment of JSON indicates that the VTK module vtkCommonMath should be included (excluding the Testing directory) and it should be Python wrapped:

<source lang="javascript">


</source> The full manifest for the "Base" edition can be found here (Catalyst/Editions/Base/manifest.json) in the ParaView source tree.

To generate the source tree for the "Base" Catalyst edition. The following commands should be run:

cd <paraview_repo>/Catalyst
python -i Editions/Base/ -o <catalyst_source_dir>

Where <paraview_repo> is the root directory of the ParaView source tree and <catalyst_source_dir> is the target output directory. The target output directory should be outside of the ParaView source tree. The produced source tree can then be built using the steps described in Build Directions