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A tarball of the Catalyst source can be downloaded from the Catalyst Website or a source tree can be generated from a ParaView source tree using the steps describe in Generating Catalyst Source Tree. The Catalyst source tree contains a shell script called that provides the appropriate cmake command to configure Catalyst. To configure Catalyst the following command should be run:

cd <catalyst_build_dir>
<catalyst_source_dir>/ <catalyst_source_dir> 

Where <catalyst_build_dir> is the target build directory for Catalyst and <catalyst_source_dir> is the source tree. Note other CMake options can be passed to the script, for example a generator could be specified using the -G option.

Once the script has been run, Catalyst can be built by running the following command (assuming the default generator is used):

cd <catalyst_build_dir>

Where <catalyst_build_dir> is the target build directory for Catalyst.