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The ParaView Guide version 3

  • Parallel ParaView, p 133 and p 135. Instead of adding " --machines=machines.pvx" or " -m=machines.pvx" to the command line, simply add " machines.pvx".
  • Appendix D ParaView Data (PVD) File Format, page 232. The value of timestep can be any floating point number.
  • Examples, page 313-314. "animation.*" should have the prefix "servermanager.".
  • Examples, page 313-315. In Python ";" is not needed at the end of a line.
  • Writing ParaView Readers, page 321. RequestData method should request UPDATE_EXTENT instead of WHOLE_EXTENT to find the subext.
  • Index, page 353-363. Many of the page numbers given are two less than the correct number.

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