Summit May 24, 2011

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Tuesday, May 25th, 2011
Time Item
8:30-9:00 Coffee and knock-knock jokes
9:00-10:00 ParaView 3.12 Release
10:00-12:00 ParaView 4.0
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-3:00 Brainstorming
3:00-4:00 In-Situ
4:00-5:00 Development Process

3.12 Release

  • Targeted for end of July
  • Major deliverables include:
    • CTH fixes:
      • CTH clip should pass arrays
      • CTH contour with slicing and capping
      • CTH clip/contour with multiple iso-values
    • Prism
      • SPYPlot reader issues
    • Cube Axes fixes
    • Exodus Caching (disabled by default, but configurable from panel).
    • IceT 2.1
    • Adaptive ParaView should be integrated into ParaView (not as a plugin, but available by default)
    • Make it easier to build/bring in static plugins
    • Smart determination of LOD/Remote render thresholds etc.
    • Disable (or qualify) progress events for large number of cores
    • Patch versions should be client-server compatible.
    • Migrate to new workflow (both development process as well as git)

Discussion Topics

Topics identified for discussion (* indicates discussed topics)
ParaView 4.0 Beyond 4.0
User Interface Improvements * Metadata gathering and storage
Find Data + Data Triage/Reduction * Error + Uncertainty Viz
Statistics * ParaView Web *
Multiblock Support Temporal Parallelism
Volume Rendering Threads/GPUs
Compression (JPEG 200) Hyperflow
Manta + Windows Fault Tolerance + Hadoop

Compression + Uncertainty/Error Visualization

  • Need to incorporate JPEG 2000 implementation into VTK (possibly OpenJPEG)
  • Add OpenJPEG to superbuild
  • Investigate compile time switching of implementations (so users can use proprietary versions they seem to be faster then currently available Open Source ones)
  • Develop mini-server to deliver JPEG streams to adaptive-reader in ParaView
  • Investigate propagation of single-value error epsilons associated with data arrays
  • All these are targeted for 4.0
  • Going to the future, we need to investigate how to represent error/uncertainty values associated with every value in an array (add a new attribute type?)

User Interface Improvements

  • Adaptive adjusting of different threshold in ParaView such as LOD/remote render thresholds, outline threshold, interactive render delay etc. Rob to write a proposal.
  • Context menus should have a mechanism to say "what are the data values here".
  • Labels:
    • Hover-label mode, in which data-labels are show as user hovers over them
    • User should be able to pick locations to label + pick to spreadsheet
  • Copy/Paste
  • ParaView_Usability_Improvements#Style_for_Object_Inspector Summary Panel
    • Similar to what's shown at the link, except, we possibly add an Apply button between the two property groups.
    • Should be xml-hint configurable
    • Possibility to control values shown in the simplified panel using the Context-Menu (values changed from context-menu should auto-apply).
  • Display-Tab has a widget to help identify the active view. This widget is a small graphic that shows rectangles for the views as they are layed out, with the active view highlighted with a solid color block.
  • All panels (properties/information) become dockable panels.

Find Data

  • Always acts on current timestep (no over-time queries yet)
  • No SQL-like queries
  • Extract Selection filters should always generate a mask, then we can combine multiple extract selections based on boolean operations like and/or etc.
  • For 4.0 we add support for some basic stat queries like standard deviation, quartiles etc. which are chosen from the drop-down box without support for add/or or arbitrary functions.

ParaView Web

  • Need to add support to "Save To Web' to ParaView Qt application
  • For 4.0 add ability to download "pvsc" files i.e. server configuration files from URLs (similar to debian apt source list)


  • Investigate vtkArray integration (past ParaView 4.0), possibly for VTK 6.0.

Development Process

  • Team agreed upon a Kanban based workflow (details to follow).
  • Team agreed on changes to ParaView git workflow (details to follow).