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Deliverable Description Priority
Python Support for python wrapping and programmable filters (that call pipeline). 5
Dynamic default parameters ParaView 2 has lots of custom GUI code for filter parameters. ParaView 3 relies much more on server manager XML code and autogenerated panels. Missing from the new panels is the ability to vary parameters based on the size of the input geometry. This is very important in some filters such as the streamlines filter. 5
Readers/filters The backbone of ParaView needs to be tight. 5
Annotation Much of the annotation abilities in ParaView 2 are missing in ParaView 3 (corner annotation, turninging off axis annotation, annotation with time value) and some new features (labels on specific cells). 5
Pipeline browser Already our pipeline browser is much better than its predecessor. However, there still some improvements to go. Of special importance are feature gaps like handling multiple inputs. 5
GUI cleanup Make the GUI look nice, usable, and information rich. The parameter panels in the object inspector are of particular importance. The display tab also needs work. The spacing of toolbar icons can also be corrected. 5
Data analysis Get back legacy features of picking by point Id and doing plot of point or cell variable over time. 5
Time Ken Martin has recently updated the time support in VTK. We need to take advantage of that in ParaView 3. For example, we move the time setting parameters from reader parameters to pipeline keys. 5
Animation We need to reimplement all of the Animation GUI features of ParaView 2. 5
Volume rendering GUI Reimplement the ParaView 2 transfer function editors. 4
Custom filters/lookmarks Lots of old features, lots of new features. 4
Linking Add GUI to link server manager proxy objects (such as camera view and pipeline object parameters). 4
Client side delivery Deliver data to client side with built in aggregation. 4
Icons 'Knuff said. 4
Testing Testing, testing, and more testing. 4
Plotting We got the nice charts, now make them really useful. 4
Color map Improve the GUI. Manage connections between views. 3
Multiple outputs Multiple outputs are useful for lookmarks/custom filters. It would also be nice to have node sets and side sets be handled as multiple outputs on the Exodus filter. 3
Selection Fix bugs and add features. 3
Plugins Rearchitect the "Load Module" feature and make it better. 3
Undo/redo It's a new feature. Make sure it works right. 3
Documentation Make online documentation available. 3
Display re-architecture Make it easier to add new views. As the infovis comes online, we will be making many new views we need to integrate into ParaView and its vertical apps. 3
Multi-block Improve multi-block support and make Exodus reader output multiblock. 1
Exodus writer We broke the Exodus writer a while ago. Users have been complaining. We should fix it. 1
Array calculator VisIt's calculator is way better than ours. For ParaView 3.2, we have should brainstorm to figure out what new features we want of our array calculator and how we implement them. There may also be some DSTK requirements here. 1


December January February March Beyond
Python (DeMarle) Time (Geveci) Plotting (Ayachit) Undo/redo (Ayachit) Display re-architecture (Geveci/Ayachit)
Dynamic default parameters (Ayachit) Animation (Ayachit) Color map (Richardson) Bug fixes (team) Multi-block (Geveci)
Readers/filters (Ayachit) Volume rendering GUI (Richardson) Multiple outputs (Geveci) Clean build process (team) Exodus writer (Stanton)
Annotation (Geveci) Client side delivery (DeMarle) Selection (DeMarle) Documentation Array calculator (Ayachit)
Pipeline browser (Richardson) Linking (Stimpson) Plugins (Stimpson/Cedilnik)   Super Animation
GUI cleanup (Stimpson) Custom filters/lookmarks (Stanton)  
Data analysis (Stanton)    
Icons (Geveci and team)
Testing (Geveci, Ayachit, Stimpson, Stanton, others)

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Dynamic default parameters

Readers filters


Pipeline browser

GUI cleanup

Data analysis



Volume rendering GUI

Custom filters lookmarks filters lookmarks


Client side delivery




Color map

Multiple outputs



Undo redo


Display re-architecture


Exodus writer

Array calculator

Clean build process

Bug fixes