MultiView Issues

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This is a page to discuss assorted muti-view issues.

Close/Destroy Render Modules

  • When a user closes a multi-view frame it can do one of two things:
    • Close the frame and hide the render module/window.
      • Requires means to un-hide a render window.
      • User needs to be aware that the render module must be explicitly destroyed.
    • Close the frame and destroy the render module.
      • User looses any displays he/she setup in that render module.

MultiView Animation

  • When saving an animation, the movie generated should include all the views (or may be provide the user with an option to save all or only the active view).
  • The closer it is to WYSIWYG, the better. I.e., the movie has the same window arrangement as what is seen in the main GUI.
  • Plots should be saved in some form when doing an animate and disconnect. Ideally, they would look the same as the client side plots.

View Management

  • It should be possible to maximize a view.
  • It may be possible to pop a view out into a separate window that the user can them maximize/resize etc.
  • How do charts get added to the multiview? The mechanism should be the same for a chart or a 3D view.
  • Do we allow multiple selection of views? This could make linking the camera easy. The user could select the views they want linked and then use a context menu to link the views.