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  IDProjectTypeStatusSummaryTarget VersionUpdatedTopic Name   P
 0012605Sandiaincorrect functionalityclosed (Sebastien Jourdain)Add support for filtering-as-you-type on tree widgets showing large number of blocks4.02012-02-0812605_itemview_search 
 0012522Sandiafeatureclosed (Sebastien Jourdain)ParaView UI should be Copy/Paste friendly4.02012-02-0812522-copy-paste-ui-friendly  
 0012521Sandiafeatureclosed (Kyle Lutz)Summary Panel for sources/filters4.02012-02-0812521-summary-panel 
 0012469Sandiaperformanceclosed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Research adding total dataset footprint to statistics view4.02012-02-0812469_memory_inspector 
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