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  IDProjectTypeStatusSummaryTarget VersionUpdatedTopic Name   P
 0016122TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)Fix for freeze with Java JOGL interaction2016-08-12  
 0016109TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)TimerEvent invoked by MouseMoveEvent, MouseWheelForwardEvent, MouseWheelBackwardEvent in vtkContextView2016-08-12  
 0016102TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Haocheng Liu)Incorrect results from vtkImageEuclideanDistance when ConsiderAnisotropy = true2016-08-12  
 0016068TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)Python modules should not link to PYTHON_LIBRARY on OS X2016-08-12  
 0016061TBDfeatureclosed (Kitware Robot)Add support for rendering inside a QML/Qt Quick scene2016-08-12  
 0016053TBDcrashclosed (Tim Thirion)Segfault in vtkLineIntegralConvolution2D, missing NULL checks2016-08-12  
 0016049TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)Incorrect rendering of Axes when rendering to an image file2016-08-12  
 0016048TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Tim Thirion)vtk 7.0 multipass rendering framework not working on iOS2016-08-12  
 0016045TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Andy Bauer)Wedge volume may not be calculated correctly2016-08-12  
 0016041TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (David Gobbi)Missing vtkImageSliceMapper functionality for OpenGL2.2016-08-12  
 0016033TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkRenderingCoreCxx-TestFollowerPicking disabled for EGL dasbhoard2016-08-12  
 0016032TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkEGLRenderWindow (0x26eb350): Unable to eglMakeCurrent error2016-08-12  
 0016031TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkChartsCoreCxx-TestPropItem test fails with EGL2016-08-12  
 0016030TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkBoxRepresentation always highlights first selected face2016-08-12  
 0016025TBDperformanceclosed (Alvaro Sanchez)Clipping appears to be inefficient in vtkGPUVolumeRayCastMapper VTK 7.02016-08-12  
 0016009TBDcrashclosed (Kitware Robot)Segmentation fault when importing VTK 6.2 + PyQt4 on Ubuntu2016-08-12  
 0016007Kitwareincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)VTK 7.0 fails to build on Fedora 232016-08-12  
 0015999TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkCutter sometimes incorrectly cuts vtkQuadraticHexahedron when generating polygons2016-08-12  
 0015991TBDfeatureclosed (David Gobbi)Build both python2 and python3 binding2016-08-12  
 0015987TBDusabilityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkRenderer::ResetCamera(double bounds[6]) should take const pointer as argument.2016-08-12  
 0015983TBDcrashclosed (Kitware Robot)VTK crash with OpenFOAM2016-08-12  
 0015969TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Sujin Philip)vtkSMPContourGrid produces artifacts2016-08-12  
 0015966TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkInteractorStyleTrackballCamera changed after timer added2016-08-12  
 0015962TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)VTK 7.0.0.rc1 Java Dicom application keypress event handlers not working2016-08-12  
 0015956TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkQImageToImageSource incorrectly maps QImage::Format_ARGB32 to RGBA2016-08-12  
 0015949TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)2nd order tensor storage inconsistency2016-08-12  
 0015942ERDCusabilityclosed (Utkarsh Ayachit)make PXML polydata and unstructured grid writers only write out needed files2016-08-12  
 0015933TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)Anti aliasing is off with VTK 6.3.02016-08-12  
 0015918TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Ken Martin)VTK-7.0.0 RC1: vtkProperty2D LineStipplePattern with OpenGL22016-08-12  
 0015913TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Will Schroeder)vtkPicker does not pick black pixels2016-08-12  
 0015909Releasecrashclosed (Kitware Robot)segfault in destruction of static member vtkMathInternal in vtkMath2016-08-12  
 0015904TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)SetAmbient no effect on multi component volume render.2016-08-12  
 0015901TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (David Gobbi)Uninitialized information variables in image filters are causing crashes2016-08-12  
 0015895TBDusabilityclosed (Kitware Robot)Extra CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS in UseVTK.cmake cause build errors in CMake projects using VTK2016-08-12  
 0015883TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkOpenGLIndexBufferObject in OpenGL2 Bug2016-08-12  
 0015852TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkOpenGLRenderWindow::GetColorBufferSizes (OpenGL2, VTK 6.3) fails on a quadro 4000M2016-08-12  
 0015845TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (T.J. Corona)vtkBandedDataContourFilter does not fill contours properly2016-08-12  
 0015841TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkCutter not cutting vtkPolyhedron cells correctly2016-08-12  
 0015835TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Sujin Philip)vtkImplicitPlaneWidget2: tubing error2016-08-12  
 0015833TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)Install of designer plugin fails in debug mode with custom postfix2016-08-12  
 0015830TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)VTK 6.3.0 OpenGL2 Texture creation unbinds texture from active texture unit.2016-08-12  
 0015829TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)SetResolveCoincidentTopologyToPolygonOffset with opengl22016-08-12  
 0015828Kitwareincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkButtonWidget(with vtkTex) cannot capture correct event/render at correct position when the window has more than one renderers2016-08-12  
 0015821TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)VTK 6.3.0 ThirdParty\hdf5\vtkhdf5\src\H5.c defines conflicting DllMain when built as static library2016-08-12  
 0015818Kitwareincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)Incorrect rendering with multiple vtkRenderer while using jogl window.2016-08-12  
 0015799TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Ken Martin)regression: OpenGL2 backend broke support for LineStipple2016-08-12  
 0015784TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Ken Martin)OpenGL2: quadro 4000M-specific error2016-08-12  
 0015777Releaseincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)Arrow-key press-events are not seen by vtkRenderWindowInteractor on Windows2016-08-12  
 0015776TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)OpenGL2: vtkPlotPoints not displaying any point2016-08-12  
 0015775TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)vtkTextActor disappears when there is a vtkLODActor with BackfaceCullingOn2016-08-12  
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