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  IDProjectTypeStatusSummaryTarget VersionUpdatedTopic Name   P
 0009895closed (Kitware Robot)vtkEventQtSlotConnect::Connect crashes a simple Qt application when VTK is compiled in release mode only2016-08-12  
 0009883closed (Kitware Robot)vtkXYPlotActor clipping causes crash and/or rendering problems.2016-08-12  
 0009832closed (Kitware Robot)BestFitPlane function for vtkPlane2016-08-12  
 0009824closed (Kitware Robot)vtkXMLImageDataWriter does not support VTK_BIT type2016-08-12  
 0009800closed (Kitware Robot)LineInterpolator called 3 times when loop is closed2016-08-12  
 0009783closed (Kitware Robot)Crash in vtkline.cxx - access uninitialized data2016-08-12  
 0009781closed (Kitware Robot)vtkWrapJava: HandleDataArray does not support vtkSignedCharArray2016-08-12  
 0009762closed (Kitware Robot)The function vtkAssembly::ShallowCopy can not work2016-08-12  
 0009750closed (Berk Geveci)vtkPointLocator::BuildLocator() crashes2016-08-12  
 0009741closed (Sean McBride)vtkPLYReader can't read files without faces2016-08-12  
 0009740closed (Kitware Robot)vtkInteractorStyleTerrain generates errors "Resetting view-up since view plane normal is parallel"2016-08-12  
 0009738closed (Kitware Robot)vtkInteractorStyleTerrain confused by FlyTo()2016-08-12  
 0009725closed (Kitware Robot)vtkAngleRepresentation3D uses vtkHandleRepresentation2016-08-12  
 0009642closed (Kitware Robot)coincident topology resolution methods in vtkMapper should not be static2016-08-12  
 0009641closed (Kitware Robot)vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow in offscreen mode cannot be set to screen size larger than current screen resolution2016-08-12  
 0009636closed (David Partyka)CMakeList.txt lacks the directories to be scanned for system FreeType22016-08-12  
 0009618closed (Marcus D. Hanwell)Differences in display of vtkTextActors between vtk5.0.4 and vtk5.4.2 (shadow and accentuated characters)2016-08-12  
 0009561closed (Kitware Robot)document which filters require BuildLinks()2016-08-12  
 0009544closed (Kitware Robot)Vector projection function2016-08-12  
 0009543TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)Mantis "Category" field marked as required, but there are no options2016-08-12  
 0009542closed (Kitware Robot)vtkTransformPolyDataFilter changes unsigned chars to floats2016-08-12  
 0009525closed (Kitware Robot)Implement the BGL max flow algorithms with vtkBoostGraphAdapter2016-08-12  
 0009520closed (Kitware Robot)Memory leak in vtkUnstructuredGridBunykRayCastFunction2016-08-12  
 0009493closed (Clinton Stimpson)verdict tri radius ratio not implemented in v_tri_quality()2016-08-12  
 0009405closed (Kitware Robot)Add vtkLidarScanner to VTK2016-08-12  
 0009399closed (Kitware Robot)can't catch mouse button release events2016-08-12  
 0009381closed (Kitware Robot)memory leak and invalid acess in vtkXMLDataElement::RemoveAttribute2016-08-12  
 0009365closed (Kitware Robot)Unnecessary glFlush() call in vtkOpenGLFreeTypeTextMapper::RenderOverlay()2016-08-12  
 0009363closed (Kitware Robot)Support of texture fonts in VTK2016-08-12  
 0009306closed (Kitware Robot)vtkRenderer::ResetCameraClippingRange() does not reset2016-08-12  
 0009283closed (Kitware Robot)VTK segfaults when combining vtkTreeMapView and vtkSelectionLink2016-08-12  
 0009225closed (Kitware Robot)Enable double buffering in to prevent flicker2016-08-12  
 0009206closed (Kitware Robot)No way to collapse parallel edges2016-08-12  
 0009202closed (Kitware Robot)Ellipsoid class2016-08-12  
 0009177closed (Kitware Robot)Polydata should have standardized "color" array2016-08-12  
 0009131closed (Kitware Robot)vtkVolumeRayCastMapper renders an image 1 pixel too short2016-08-12  
 0009114closed (Kitware Robot)incompleteness of the java wrapper for vtkPointLocator object2016-08-12  
 0009101closed (Kitware Robot)vtkOBBTree should have an IntersectRay function2016-08-12  
 0009087closed (Kitware Robot)No interaction in X11 Fullscreen mode2016-08-12  
 0009080closed (Kitware Robot)Contribution for a new vtkImplicitFunction that represent a torus.2016-08-12  
 0009073closed (Karthik Krishnan)Translation of line widget fails at certain orientations2016-08-12  
 0009068closed (Kitware Robot)vtkPolyDataConnectivityFilter() doesn't filter data when passed to out using vtk_to_numpy2016-08-12  
 0009053closed (Kitware Robot)vtkFillHolesFilter possible inconsistency2016-08-12  
 0009041closed (Kitware Robot)Lankmark transform degree of freedom specification2016-08-12  
 0009015closed (Kitware Robot)vtkDistanceRepresentation2D wrong representation2016-08-12  
 0009000closed (Kitware Robot)vtkQuadricDecimation filter produces bad geometry in output2016-08-12  
 0008983closed (Kitware Robot)ICP should have a "too far way" threshold2016-08-12  
 0008974closed (Kitware Robot)Difficulties to separate VTK_INSTALL_LIB_DIR and VTK_INSTALL_TCL_DIR2016-08-12  
 0008942closed (Kitware Robot)[Java] vtkObjectBase.Delete() corrupts vtkGlobalJavaHash2016-08-12  
 0008929closed (Kitware Robot)vtkOpenGL/MesaImageActor classes are difficult to extend due to non-virtual methods.2016-08-12  
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