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  IDProjectTypeStatusSummaryTarget VersionUpdatedTopic Name   P
 0009134closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Integrate variable hangs multi-server2011-01-13 
 0009023closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Plots manual min/max has issues3.62011-01-13 
 0008997closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Crash when deleting viewed object in line plot3.62011-01-13 
 0008986closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)When a plot representation's visibility is toggled, the legend still includes the hidden series3.62011-01-13 
 0008941closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)(Venus) Plots with two datasets hangs3.62011-01-13 
 0008747closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Wrong or very confusing output with plot global variables3.62011-01-13 
 0008746closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Reading file crashes ParaView3.62011-01-13 
 0008690closed (Ken Moreland)Rubber band zoom should change center of rotation3.62011-01-13 
 0007403closed (Berk Geveci)clean filter doesn't work in parallel3.62011-01-13 
 0007248closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)in vtkSpyPlotReader Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)3.6.22009-09-01 
 0009135closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Save CSV file from plot over time hangs2009-06-11 
 0009055closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Large data inappropriately collected to client in reset camera3.62009-06-09 
 0008791closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Wireframe color is initially white, ignoring the configured foreground color3.62009-06-09 
 0008544closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Save legacy files as time file series3.82009-06-03 
 0008964closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Bad default glyph size2009-06-03 
 0009019closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Keyframe animator - Orbit - needs option to keep circle whithin a plane2009-06-03 
 0009002closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Crash when undoing3.62009-05-26 
 0008925closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Disable MPEG and use MJPEG when using ffmpeg3.62009-05-26 
 0009038closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Plotting of datasets directly, then toggling visibility, crashes.2009-05-26 
 0007650closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)FileSeries: Filename not updated in information tab of object inspectorSomeday2009-05-26 
 0008717closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Paraview snaps to time 99 when entering a timevalue >= 1002009-05-26 
 0008748closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)components not visible in plot global variables3.62009-05-15 
 0008597closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)(Venus - High) Pipeline not updating correctly3.62009-05-15 
 0009037closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Time doesn't go above 993.62009-05-15 
 0008765closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Up arrow has no effect in Python Shell3.62009-05-15 
 0008619closed (Ken Moreland)Scatter plot with x-y plot3.62009-05-15 
 0008867closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)New create control points for animation keyframes is broken3.82009-05-13 
 0008064closed (Burlen)pvserver crashes when volume rendering is enabled (gcc, x86_64, OpenMPI)3.62009-05-13 
 0006542closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Move to new charts3.62009-05-13 
 0008497closed (Ken Moreland)Multiple processor restart files don't work3.62009-05-13 
 0007526closed (Ken Moreland)Feature: Add default file directory3.62009-05-13 
 0007399closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Save Screenshot for 'Surface With Edges' for bigger Images contains additional Lines3.62009-05-13 
 0007224closed (Berk Geveci)Location to install plugins on OS X is basically inaccessible to the user.3.62009-05-13 

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