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  IDProjectTypeStatusSummaryTarget VersionUpdatedTopic Name   P
 0007394closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Save/Load State does not restore some view optionsSomeday2011-01-28 
 0008266closed (Berk Geveci)import of camera positionsSomeday2011-01-24 
 0008240closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Top row of Filters->Alphabetical disappearsSomeday2011-01-24 
 0006922closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Better handling of partial arraysSomeday2011-01-24 
 0006189closed (Dave DeMarle)Triangle strips + color by cell in image data causes crashesSomeday2011-01-20 
 0005629closed (Eric Stanton)Resize text and pipeline view widgets in lookmark inspector to their contentsSomeday2011-01-14 
 0004355closed (Clinton Stimpson)Linked properties do not update GUISomeday2011-01-14 
 0004655closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Enabled advanced PV2 interactor styles.Someday2010-12-29 
 0006837closed (Dave DeMarle)Detect if data on input port or widget has changedSomeday2010-12-13 
 0006433closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Camera -> Center of RotationSomeday2010-12-13 
 0007387closed (Dave DeMarle)Transform Filter does not transform vectors in point dataSomeday2010-12-13 
 0007308closed (Dave DeMarle)Please add new filter for colormapSomeday2010-12-13 
 0008731closed (Dave DeMarle)Pipeline grouping for multiple viewsSomeday2010-12-13 
 0009026closed (Dave DeMarle)Require a mechanism to change the Qt window size to a specific size (or to view size in realtime as altering)Someday2010-12-13 
 0005600closed (Eric Stanton)Create a lookmark with a stream tracer filter, then click on the filter's entry in the object window, ParaView crashesSomeday2010-12-13 
 0007397closed (Dave DeMarle)unicode (utf 8) support for field namesSomeday2010-12-13 
 0004215closed (Berk Geveci)ParaView uses legacy readers which are big endianSomeday2010-11-30 
 0006734closed (David Partyka)Installation of ParaviewSomeday2010-11-16 
 0006480closed (David Partyka)Install Target does not work on Windows XP (VS or VS2005)Someday2010-11-16 
 0006931closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)CompositePipeline and filters that do parallel communicationSomeday2010-11-16 
 0006572closed (Berk Geveci)Add python macro menuSomeday2010-11-16 
 0008694closed (Alan Scott)clip by scalar and contour are differentSomeday2010-06-16 
 0004730closed (Eric Stanton)Drag and drop lookmark into the view you want it displayed inSomeday2009-12-02 
 0004776closed (Eric Stanton)Use lookmarks from pythonSomeday2009-12-02 
 0005043closed (Eric Stanton)Improve coverage of lookmark testsSomeday2009-12-02 
 0008410closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)pvsc files are parsed incorrectlySomeday2009-10-02 
 0005056closed (Ken Moreland)Slider in time toolbarSomeday2009-05-26 
 0007650closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)FileSeries: Filename not updated in information tab of object inspectorSomeday2009-05-26 
 0007478closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Stream Tracer with Point Source seed does often not work for 2-D dataSomeday2009-05-13 
 0007298closed (Ken Moreland)reloading (ensight) case filesSomeday2009-05-13 
 0007029closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Wrong file type selectedSomeday2009-05-13 
 0006213closed (Ken Moreland)(MARS-normal) Fix lighting when scaling by a negative factorSomeday2009-05-13 
 0005857closed (Ken Moreland)Drag and dropSomeday2009-05-13 
 0005711closed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Restore STATE file from Command LineSomeday2009-05-13 
 0003920closed (Timothy Shead)Camera undo/redo button in pqmainwindowSomeday2009-05-13 
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