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  IDProjectTypeStatusSummaryTarget VersionUpdatedTopic Name   P
 0013092ParaViewProusabilityclosed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Environment Variables in Statefile Data paths, Missing data visual indicator, scroll long listsgit-master2016-08-12 
 0012920Sandiaincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)Reinstall the AMR clip filter to the filters panelgit-master2016-08-12 
 0012604Sandiaincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)Enable changing visibility and other display properties for individual blocks in a composite datasetgit-master2016-08-12 
 0012532Sandiaincorrect functionalityclosed (Kitware Robot)Client screen blank when using remote rendering with remote desktopgit-master2016-08-12 
 0012524Sandiafeatureclosed (Kitware Robot)Labeling improvementsgit-master2016-08-12 
 0012523Sandiafeatureclosed (Kitware Robot)User should be able to query data-values at location from the context-menugit-master2016-08-12 
 0012515Sandiafeatureclosed (Kitware Robot)Add support for combining selectionsgit-master2016-08-12 
 0012514Sandiafeatureclosed (Kitware Robot)Add support for querying based on stats in Find Datagit-master2016-08-12 
 0012419LANLcrashclosed (Dave DeMarle)manta plugin in paraview web crashesgit-master2016-08-12 
 0012008Sandiaincorrect functionalityclosed (Robert Maynard)CTH velocities are calculated incorrectlygit-master2016-08-12 
 0015264TBDfeatureclosed (Alan Scott)Add scalar opacity function editor to ParaViewWebgit-master2015-02-18pvweb-add-scalar-opacity-widget (included in 'pvweb-expose-global-settings' and 'pvw-fix-lod-rerender') 
 0014901Sandiausabilityclosed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Edit/ Settings/ Transfer Function Optionsgit-master2015-01-1114901_fix_transfer_function_settings_labels 
 0014922TBDusabilityclosed (Utkarsh Ayachit)installing paraview locally has issues with paraview.simplegit-master2015-01-1114922_fix_python_from_install 
 0014928CoProcessingdocumentationclosed (Andy Bauer)add CATALYST label to the CatalystLiveSetBreakpoint testgit-master2014-08-2914928_add_catalyst_label_to_test 
 0014927TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Count pipeline objects starting at 1git-master2014-08-29start_counting_from_1 
 0012673TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Sebastien Jourdain)ParaViewWeb Releasegit-master2014-02-24 
 0008268TBDincorrect functionalityclosed (Berk Geveci)Custom parameters for Programmable Filtergit-master2014-02-04 
 0012558Sandiaincorrect functionalityclosed (Utkarsh Ayachit)Display properties for blocks in composite datasetsgit-master2013-09-12 

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