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0009127ParaViewBugpublic2009-06-09 21:332013-10-28 19:16
ReporterAlan Scott 
Assigned ToAlan Scott 
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Summary0009127: Specify Each of the Axis Labels doesn't work at all
DescriptionLocal server, XP, trunk (and I suspect 3.6.0)
Open disk_out_ref.exo, all variables on, apply.
Plot over line, apply.
Edit view options (nit - this should be the same as the name on the window that comes up, which is Line Chart Options).
Bottom Axis/ Layout/ Specify Each of the Axis Labels.
New Label - 20.0
New Label - 30.0
Apply, then OK.

Bug - Nothing happens to the bottom axis.
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Ken Moreland (manager)
2009-06-10 09:32

Comment on the nit: We can't change the name of the menu item to "Line Chart Options" because that menu item applies to the options to whatever the current view is, regardless of its type. I suppose we could change it based on the current view, but that could get confusing. I would much rather change the name of the dialog. Perhaps we should change the dialog title from "<view type> Options" to "View Options (<view type>)". So in this instance the dialog would be "View Options (Line Chart)".
Alan Scott (manager)
2009-06-10 16:12

I like Ken's suggestion!
Alan Scott (manager)
2009-08-24 16:47

Please implement this for 3.6.2 if it is reasonably easy. Otherwise, defer to 3.8.0.
Utkarsh Ayachit (administrator)
2009-08-31 16:11

The new charts don't support this functionality. Consequently for 3.6 branch we had disabled the GUI so that the option to specify labels is not available at all.
Utkarsh Ayachit (administrator)
2009-08-31 16:17

Partial fix for BUG 0009127. Changed the options dialog titles to "View
Settings (Bar Chart)" etc.

/cvsroot/ParaView3/ParaView3/Qt/Components/pqActiveChartOptions.cxx,v <-- Qt/Components/pqActiveChartOptions.cxx
new revision: 1.12; previous revision: 1.11
/cvsroot/ParaView3/ParaView3/Qt/Components/pqActiveRenderViewOptions.cxx,v <-- Qt/Components/pqActiveRenderViewOptions.cxx
new revision: 1.6; previous revision: 1.5
/cvsroot/ParaView3/ParaView3/Qt/Components/Resources/UI/pqBarChartOptionsWidget.ui,v <-- Qt/Components/Resources/UI/pqBarChartOptionsWidget.ui
new revision: 1.2; previous revision: 1.1
/cvsroot/ParaView3/ParaView3/Qt/Components/Resources/UI/pqLineChartOptionsWidget.ui,v <-- Qt/Components/Resources/UI/pqLineChartOptionsWidget.ui
new revision: 1.2; previous revision: 1.1

Pending 3.6 commit.
Alan Scott (manager)
2013-10-28 19:16

This is fixed in current master.

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2009-08-24 16:47 Alan Scott Note Added: 0017197
2009-08-31 16:11 Utkarsh Ayachit Note Added: 0017256
2009-08-31 16:11 Utkarsh Ayachit Target Version 3.6.2 => 3.8
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