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0007831ParaView(No Category)public2008-10-19 10:322008-11-25 21:23
ReporterStephane P 
Assigned ToZhanping Liu 
PlatformOSOS Version
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007831: sequence animation always restart at initial time
DescriptionWhen a Sequence animation is paused, it restarts at the initial time, not at the paused time.
Additional InformationThat is caused by the InitiliazeAnimation method of vtkSequenceAnimation class which resets the FrameNo to 0.

The state file reproduce this pb (you must activate sequence animation, and set the framenumber to 100 to see it)
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Attached Files? file icon sequenceAnimation.pvsm [^] (53,236 bytes) 2008-10-19 10:32


Zhanping Liu (developer)
2008-10-30 08:56

Bug 0007831 was fixed. The problem was due to vtkSequenceAnimationPlayer::StartLoop(). The old version has only two arguments, without considering the 'current' time at which an animation might be paused / stopped and from which it might be intended to be resumed subsequently. 'FrameNo' not only indicates the frame index, but also, in some cases, determines the time from which to resume an animation. In the old version, it is always set to 0 --- to start an animation from the very beginning.

In the new version, the 'current' time --- 'currenttime' (obtained from the 'scene' time) --- is used to determine the 'previous' frame index, next to which an animation is to be resumed. See line 34 to line 56 for the update.

To make this fix, some files were updated so as to be consistent with one another in terms of the signature of StartLoop().

     ( 1) vtkAnimationPlayer.h --- StartLoop()'s signature updated.
     ( 2) vtkAnimationPlayer.cxx --- Call to StartLoop() updated.

     ( 3) vtkSequenceAnimationPlayer.h ---StartLoop()'s signature updated.
     ( 4) vtkSequenceAnimationPlayer.cxx --- StartLoop() updated.

     ( 5) vtkRealTimeAnimationPlayer.h --- StartLoop()'s signature updated.
     ( 6) vtkRealTimeAnimationPlayer.cxx --- StartLoop()'s signature updated.

     ( 7) vtkTimeStepAnimationPlayer.h ---StartLoop()'s signature updated.
     ( 8) vtkTimeStepAnimationPlayer.cxx --- StartLoop()'s signature updated.

     ( 9) vtkCompositeAnimationPlayer.h --- StartLoop()'s signature updated.
     (10) vtkCompositeAnimationPlayer.cxx --- The signature of and call to StartLoop() updated.

      Thanks for reporting this bug.
Alan Scott (manager)
2008-11-25 21:23

Tested client/server. Fixed.

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