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0007606ParaView(No Category)public2008-09-04 14:382009-02-18 19:33
ReporterChris Cameron 
Assigned ToUtkarsh Ayachit 
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Summary0007606: Remote plugins not automatically loaded when PV_PLUGIN_PATH is defined on server
DescriptionWhen I run Paraview in MPI mode, the client side plugins are loaded but the server side plugins are not.

This does not cause Paraview to crash immediately, unless a user tries to use a custom filter or reader. For example, if they try to use a filter, it will appear in the list of filters (because the client plugin loaded) but upon clicking the filter will cause paraview to crash (because the server plugin was not loaded)

I can load the server plugins manually, but as I have about 30, I do not want to do this. My other option is to put them in build/bin/debug/plugins but this is undesirable.
Additional InformationIn my test case, all of my pvserver instances and the paraview client are run on the same computer. PV_PLUGIN_PATH points to a folder that has the client and server plugins.

In client-server mode (non-MPI) server plugins are loaded automatically as well as client plugins.
In built-in mode, all plugins are loaded automatically.
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Utkarsh Ayachit (administrator)
2009-02-17 13:18

Verified that the server side as well as client side plugins are loaded when PV_PLUGIN_PATH is set for both. Note it must be defined for server procs as well, the client's PV_PLUGIN_PATH will no be used for server.
Alan Scott (manager)
2009-02-18 19:33


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