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0006666ParaView(No Category)public2008-03-27 10:552009-05-13 13:47
ReporterTakuya OSHIMA 
Assigned ToZhanping Liu 
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Target Version3.6Fixed in Version 
Summary0006666: vtkFunctionParser::OperatorWithinVariable() should search variable name until the location of idx
DescriptionI have a dataset which contains an array with the name say "A/B," which in turn contains a character that may be interpreted as a mathematical operator '/'. If I try to run Filter->Calculator and to evaluate an expression "A/B + A/B" over the dataset, I can't get the expected result (an array with all components doubled). The actual result depends on the expression (a parser error, an incorrect result array, etc.).
Additional InformationI think finding only the first occurrence of the array name within the given expression is not enough in vtkFunctionParser::OperatorWithinVariable(). At least the array name should be searched until the location of idx even if there was an occurrence prior to the location.

The attached is a patch that worked for me. I know this is far from perfect as a fix (there are still many possible cases that can't be covered with this patch). Please take it just as a clarification of the solution that worked for me.
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Zhanping Liu (developer)
2008-10-09 09:47

BUG: 0006666 has been fixed. The problem was due to the insufficient
search, in this->Function, for a variable name containing a dumb operator. This
incompleteness fails to capture such a variable name at index "idx" if there
happens to be one or more occurrences (of the same variable name)
preceding idx. As a consequence, vtkFunctionParser::
OperatorWithinVariable() --- (line1335 ~ line 1403) --- mistakenly reports 0.

As suggested by 7islands, a greedy search scheme is now adopted to check through idx before reporting the result. The updated code allows for multiple occurrences of a varialbe name (containing a dumb operator) in this->Function and therefore leads to a more flexible function parser.

Thanks, 7islands, for reporting the bug and the suggestions.

new revision: 1.41; previous revision: 1.40
Alan Scott (manager)
2008-10-24 20:04

No clue how to check this, assuming correct. Untested.

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