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0005746ParaView(No Category)public2007-09-18 21:442007-10-15 16:18
ReporterAlan Scott 
Assigned ToBerk Geveci 
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Summary0005746: Client/Server consistantly, randomly crashes
DescriptionKen and I are having random crashes using Client/Server. My setup is as follows:
XP client/ Linux server. 3 nodes, which is 12 processors.
Open up, then do nothing. Seems to only work if ParaView is left alone. After a random amount of time, ranging from about 5 minutes to 20 minutes, without bringing anything up or touching the mouse, the GUI will not respond. Server is still running, but the client states the following:

ERROR: In C:\alan\paraviewNightly\src\ParaView3\Servers\Common\vtkServerConnection.cxx, line 67
vtkServerConnection (07305038): Server Connection Closed!

The server doesn't think that it has lost the connection, and waits indefinitely.

Could someone at Kitware try to replicate this? Give me a call if you need any other info. 9/17/2007 sourcecode.

Sorry for being so vague, but I don't know how to repeatedly create this.

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Berk Geveci (administrator)
2007-10-12 16:38

I am trying to reproduce this problem, so far without any luck. I am guessing compositing is used?
Alan Scott (manager)
2007-10-15 12:31

To be honest, I don't know. I change too much in testing. I have not had this happen in a few weeks. Maybe we should mark it fixed, unless we start to see it again? It could have also been related to the network here...
Berk Geveci (administrator)
2007-10-15 13:40

Sounds good to time. I still haven't been able to reproduce it. I tested it for around 30 mins several times.
Alan Scott (manager)
2007-10-15 16:18

I am changing this to closed, since we cannot replicate it. It is also not known if it was a network problem at the user's location, or ParaView.

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