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0005582ParaView(No Category)public2007-08-27 17:042007-09-05 16:14
ReporterJon Goldman 
Assigned ToMark Richardson 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005582: Switching Attribute mode from Point Data to Cell Data (plot over line, plot point over time) causes crash
DescriptionThis exhibits on Windows, with a very recent Aug 27 4am check-out and build using Visual Studio 2005:

-- Load a sample exodus file, e.g. disk_out_ref.exo
-- Turn on temp(erature)
-- Color by temp
-- Do a Plot Over Line filter
-- Make sure the line plot view window is selected, then change the Attribute Mode from Point Data to Cell Data.
-- ParaView3 crashes
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Mark Richardson (reporter)
2007-09-04 17:08

I forgot to clear the list of pointers after deleting them. The list is now cleared and switching between point and cell doesn't crash.

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