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0005197ParaView(No Category)public2007-06-15 10:432007-08-29 12:06
ReporterAmy Squillacote 
Assigned ToDave DeMarle 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005197: pvpython Fetch and multi-block data
DescriptionWhen multi-block / composite data is loaded using pvpython, Fetch does not return real data. The dataset returned from Fetch has the type of
one of the sub-blocks, but it's empty (no cells, points, attribute data, etc.).

In the attached python script that demonstrates this problem, the DataDir should be set to VTKData (not ParaViewData).
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2007-06-29 12:03

Committed changes to fetch, vtkCommunicator, vtkclientserverdeliver and vtkReductionFilter on 6-26 and 6-28 to deliver composite data properly.

I have not finished verifying it so I will not mark this as resolved yet.

Dave DeMarle (administrator)
2007-08-28 16:35

I finished Fetch for vtkCompositeDataSets on 2007-08-09.

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