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0003782ParaView(No Category)public2006-09-19 13:352009-12-09 14:51
ReporterKen Moreland 
Assigned ToDave DeMarle 
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Summary0003782: SNL: D3 generated global ids of wrong type
DescriptionCurrently, D3 is not generating ghost cells unless global node ids are already present.

The problem is that D3 requires global ids to compute ghost cells. D3 of course has the code to generate global ids if they do not exist. However, the current code to generate global ids generates them as ints, and elsewhere within D3, global ids must be vtkIdType. Thus, after generating global ids as ints, the following error is given on the server:

Process id: 0 >> Warning: In /projects/kmorel/dashboard/ParaViewExperimental/VTK/Parallel/vtkDistributedDataFilter.cxx, line 711
vtkDistributedDataFilter (0x8d70e98): Can't create ghost cells without global node IDs

For some reason, this error is not shown on the client. A trace file demonstrating the problem is attached.

The solution is to change the global id generation in D3 to create vtkIdType ids.
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2006-10-23 12:50

I updated the code to use vtkIdType internally throughout. As promised, the error goes away.
2006-10-23 13:27

Undid the checkin - when compiled with 64 bit ids there are compilation errors.
2006-10-24 15:48

refixed and committed. 64 bit ids work too now.

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