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0003416ParaView(No Category)public2006-06-16 11:402009-12-09 14:51
ReporterKen Moreland 
Assigned ToAmy Squillacote 
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Summary0003416: SNL: Subsampling rate not turned off for still render
DescriptionWhen compositing is on in client/server mode and subsampling is on, it should only subsample images during interactive rendering, not during still rendering. Now, still renders are subsampled along with the interactive rendering.
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Amy Squillacote (reporter)
2006-10-09 08:30

The bug has been fixed. The problem was that in vtkSMCompositeRenderModuleProxy, we were calling SetImageReductionFactor two different ways: through SM properties in StillRender and directly through CS streams in InteractiveRender. When it was called through properties to try to set the reduction factor to 1, the properties didn't think anything had changed since setting it to a larger value had not happened through properties, so the call in StillRender was having no effect. Now this method is being called through properties in both cases.

.cxx,v <-- vtkSMCompositeRenderModuleProxy.cxx
new revision: 1.16; previous revision: 1.15

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