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0000328ParaView(No Category)public2003-11-04 15:512009-12-10 20:29
ReporterCharles Law 
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PriorityhighSeverityfeatureReproducibilityunable to reproduce
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Summary0000328: User must specify to much info for an animation
DescriptionI called this a bug since it seems obvious that it should be done better.

Upon requesting an animation the 'Start Value' and 'End Value' should be the first and last time step contained in the file. This can then be modified by the user. Also, if the user specifies time steps which are out of range, they should be clamped the min and max available time steps.

Currently (on linux at least) the defaults time steps for animation are 0 and 100.

Also, the default 'Source' should be something reasonable, like the first source in the pipeline. And the default 'Parameter' should be 'Time Step'. Both could of course, be changed later.
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Berk Geveci (administrator)
2003-12-17 12:30

animation editor should be improved. widget ranges have to work better.

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